Being a woman in this part of the world.

20 Mar

, why you ask? Because women inhabit this world, especially in the part of the world where I live.

Being a woman can be a crime itself for her life.

Let me put it this way, this world is a “bitch” and it keeps messing around with women’s lives a bit too much. Just incase some people read this and presume its a pity blog for women, well guess what, it sure as hell is, but in no way will this be limited to pity but it’s extending a warning and ‘shout out’ to everyone out there that a lot of stuff goes down wrong with us just because we own a vagina.

Out here a lot of things are justified as long as you own male genitals, but if you don’t sometimes things can go from bad to worse. So hold onto this ‘bitch blog’ ladies, get ready to strip this world naked and lets all speak out about the monstrosities that take place inside and outside the walls of residencies.

Do I wish I wasn’t a woman?

No :), I wouldn’t want it any other way, with the life, family and friends I’ve been blessed and appreciating the strength of females all around the world, I love being born a girl!

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