Women and Asexuality in Pakistan!

16 Apr

Several women all across the globe have experienced the peaceful trance of asexuality, some of us take homosexual turns before reaching that point whilst others embrace the lack of heterosexual interference in their lives for a good span of time. All the physical energy and mental effort required in pleasing a man gets overwhelming even in the ‘holding hands’ relationships, where there is no chance of a sexual encounter until the knot is tied. This form of asexuality merely carries the characteristics of an amoeba, but rather it’s a sense of being one is enlightened towards after a bumpy romantic speed break.

There comes a time when you’re so tired of men that you just let go, in the process you discover yourself in ways you had never imagined before and learn to trust the world again. Whether it’s a failing relationship, a recent break up or divorce, all women owe themselves due respect and self-centered love where they stand as the epicentre whilst situations, people and emotions revolve around them for a short period of time.

Men will be men, whether it’s any corner of the world.

Generalization? Yes.

Similarly men in this part of the world are exactly the same which should push women to be even more determined to enjoy their ‘phases pf asexuality’. Many of us carry the weight of broken promises, lies, slander and cheating in our backpack of memories, after such heartache we grow distant, indifferent and wait for it…asexual! There is no shame in it, as far as I have known it’s a temporary state of mind which manages to diminish the urge of sexual attraction or togetherness with a man.

To all those romantics out there who might be sighing at my hopeless and rather pessimistic sense of writing: Reminder: every woman was once a romantic until a man named ‘reality’ knocked really hard on the door. Once that door breaks down, some women gather the courage to put it back in its hinges, others like throwing the fucking door out for good. When there’s no metaphorical door to enter through, you’re left standing at its hinges and staring down the hallway to make sure that ‘reality’ never strikes again. Just make sure you don’t stand there too long cause it might scare off any potentially genuine people from coming in and helping you out of the emotional havoc.

As long as we choose to be asexual until emotional and mental recovery, it’s healthy and a form of catharsis, but holding onto the intentional notion of being alone to protect ourselves from any future ‘heartache’ is unwise. Life doesn’t alway pave a cemented and flawless path to contentment, sometimes we need to jump over rocks, walk over gravel and float through quick sand. The literal point being that sometimes we experience pain and misery in life, but those moments don’t define the rest of our lives, something better is always out there. Until then, enjoy the perks of asexuality! 😉

Ladies, it’s time to lather up in the foams of desire for the worldly things, friends and NOT men. Clad up in your fancy dresses without the purpose of impressing ‘him’, and excite everyone but yourself. Don’t hesitate in rolling your eyes to the sickening advertisements of bridal showers and pathetic swooning of newly wed couples. Invite that beautiful tub of ice cream into your room at late nights of the hour for unholy bondage, slurp sweet chunks of ice till you feel you might pass out to the incredibly action packed movie on television. Embrace your asexual self, but don’t let it rub off on others, let it be a unique trait.

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