23 Apr

Read this piece on on Pakistani parents!

Rants from Karachi

There are several boys and girls; men and women out there who simply don’t have the courage to speak up to their parents. Mummy and Daddy hold such a traditionally inevitable and crippling power over their children that it eventually ‘tames’ them to enslaving submission. *Chuckles*, I make it sound like some sort of child labour camp, but it’s all because I strongly believe that this topic should be brought into limelight before we end up driving these kids crazy or turn them into automated robots.

Are you the offspring of a desi? Well then, you’re in for it, get ready for perpetual taunts which pop up from time to time. In case you’re wondering that you’ll be able to get away from it during your undergraduate studies or after you get married off to the love of your life? I applaud at your wishful thinking, sadly this…

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