14 Jun

A rant about a darn institution! Please read up 😀

Rants from Karachi

Educational involvement becomes rather serious and impactful when one decides to enroll into a University for ‘undergraduate studies’. Investing four years in order to attain a complete specialization in one field is a good chunk of your youth. However these years are compensated if the students receive a good education and environment, unfortunately a few students at University of Karachi regret these four years rather than cherish them. However the majority of students graduate from this institution with uplifting experiences and are quite oblivious to the corrupt roots that tangle many students and their educational flair. Hold on tight readers, and don’t hesitate from letting me know what you think!

I chose to write about this because I believe that there are many students out there who are being silenced into authoritative submission which eventually leads to a rot of talent and knowledge. Teachers are meant to be a source of hope…

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