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Memories, as I recall!

15 Apr



Memories, all of us are burdened with their existence in our lives. At times it’s a soothing and pleasurable package, but on occasions certain memories leave us scarred and hurt.

Just a few days back I was cleaning my closet, which threw me into a whirlwind of past memories, some were ancient whilst others were brewing in a contemporary sense. When I found old clothes from when I was a kid, I literally fell like I was re-living my childhood in a blink of the eye. My failed friendships, school bullies and outlook on life at that time whizzed before me in the form of distorted schemas.

Have you ever gone through your old stuff and felt like you’ve been sucked into a time-machine where you’re transported from one place to another? It’s an overwhelming sensation cause it strikes you from one reality into another. Memories are like treasured video clips that we can play again repetitively, sometimes they leave us with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Even though many memories may leave us with a sense of reminiscing joy, others can haunt us for the rest of our lives.


Do any of you carry painful memories that pester your well-being within a matter of seconds? Those sort of painfully registered moments can cause us distress and leave us with the bitter truth that we have an inevitable past that delivers a sense of regret, shame, guilt or grief.

Like several others out there, I also have memories that instill a negative vibe for a short period of time, but luckily God has also blessed me with memories to remind me of the liveliness and vibrant energy of the present day.

So let’s all go ahead and make beautiful memories for days to come! 🙂

Here’s a song called “Memories”, enjoy!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHtU4VnTiTc

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